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Cleaning Services Include:

  • Empty trash

  • Dusting

  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation

  • Vacuming

  • Mopping

  • Cleaning entryways, stairwells, elevator

  • Custom cleaning task per client specification








To save you time and money, we can manage your restroom supply and trash can linners. We will provide you with a price quote on all supplies and then replenish supplies as necessary. No need for you to place order or pick up supplies from vendors, we handle all for you.


Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When the dust and debris from your new construction or remodeling project gets overwhelming. We give a helping hand by providing our cleaning service and leave no mark that constructiong had just happened.


Other services that wee provide

  • Building Maintenance

  • Window Cleaning

  • Interior Painting




Cleaning  programs  emphasize personalization - daily,weekly, or monthly - since each business has different need

Floor Maintenance Services

Proper floor maintenance is the key  to extend the life of your floor and give good impresion to your clients.

  • Floor Services

    • Floor Striping and Waxing

    • Floor Scrubbing and Refinishing

    • Floor Buffing

    • Floor Maintenace Programs

Carpet Shampoing

 Will extend the life of your rugs and will return to a luster state. 

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